Friday, April 27, 2007

Saving Money On Shipping

One of the most tedious aspects of online selling is the endless trips to the Post Office. Print a pre-paid label online, schedule a pick-up, and toss it out on the porch (breakables should be set out carefully). USPS now picks up all Domestic and International packages.

USPS has a prepaid online label option. It is necessary to create an account with USPS online to use this feature. Sign up is free and there are no surcharges for prepaid labels. Labels may be printed on plain white paper, and taped on, or printed on adhesive labels. USPS shipping boxes and envelopes can be ordered online at no cost and are delivered for free.

PayPal has made it even easier. When a buyer pays for their item, the seller can go directly to the payment details page and can process their shipping label by adding only the shipping method (priority, parcel, 1st class, media) and entering the date, weight, and optional insurance. Click on print label and the shipping fee is automatically deducted from the users PayPal balance and a prepaid label is printed.

International labels require a customs form that can be filled out online. The shipper simply adds details about the package, prints the forms (3-5 pages), signs and dates them, and attaches them to the parcel in a special, clear plastic envelope that USPS provides at no cost. Any parcel up to 4lbs can be conveniently picked up. Domestic or International Express (overnight) mail, and International packages over 4lbs, have to be taken to the Post Office.

There is no need to spend valuable time standing in line at the Post Office. Save gas and time: ship online.


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