Saturday, April 28, 2007

Diamonds: Round Or Princess Cut?

This guide will explain the difference between round brilliant and princess cut diamonds.


While there are many different diamond shapes, two of the most popular are the princess cut and the round brilliant.



A princess cut diamond is a square brilliant cut diamond with sharp and uncut corners, forming a square and sometimes rectagular shape, whereas a round brilliant is circular in shape. While the most common diamond shape is a round cut, the most popular fancy shape diamond is the princess cut.


When considering a princess cut diamond, there are no set "ideal proportions," although some are undeniably cut better than others.


The design of a princess cut diamond has approximately 76 facets and the design of a round diamond consists of 58 facets which add to the brilliance and fire of each diamond. Extra facets are often on princess cut diamonds because cutters sometimes have to work more precisely to produce a sharp corner free of extensive abrasions. The greater number of facets in a princess cut assists the diamond to compete with the visual performance of a well cut round brilliant. Hence, with its many sparkling facets, the princess cut is one of the newest and most popular choices for the diamond engagement ring. PrincessCut.jpg RoundCut.jpg


Traditionally, a princess cut diamond sells for less than a round brilliant cut diamond of similar characteristics because it wastes the least of the original crystal in the cutting process. In comparing a round brilliant to a princess cut, one should note that the round came from a larger rough stone, making the cost increase.

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